i had wings once, and they were strong.

      but they were s t o l e n from me.

Sophie Turner for Tatler UK

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Because of feminism i will never find this show funny again. There goes my childhood

Are you actually serious? Yes, Johnny’s character was a grade A douche bag, however all the women he went after were hot as fuck and yet put him in his place and beat him up for the lewd things he was saying. This show was fucking hilarious and promoted women acting out against chauvinist pigs, such as Johnny. Not once did the women ever fall for him, showcasing that women are to be strong and take NO shit from any man.

Get your shit together, qurl.

Not to mention his mother was cool as shit.

what about the werewolf chick


and the deer


people are fucking stupid as fuck 

The werewolf chick was so used to dudes running away she would take anything she got, same with the “deer” he met online. Both examples of women who are so desperate for companionship they would be happy with a complete and total douche like Johnny. (Even though if I remember correctly Johnny treated both of them better than anyone else ever did, because deep down Johnny Bravo was an okay dude he was acting the way society taught him to act.) 

And wow there was a whole EPISODE where Johnny got turned into a woman and has to endure catcalls and street harassment and being belittled to just a face and a body and basically was like “is this what you girls go through?”and like lead a revolution of girl power and kickassary.

So bye

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Hoechlin said Derek had great respect for Laura and that they were very close, he thinks she would have forgiven him for Kate because he was totally manipulated (kind of plays into almost the entire fandom’s belief he was under age and easy to manipulate which is weird because they’ve tried to play it up but what 19+ year old doesn’t know what they’re getting into with an older person) food for thought?

Couldn’t pick a favourite director, they all seem fans of Russell

Would play a white walker on game of thrones because then he wouldn’t have to talk and reveal his terrible English accent

He didn’t think derek would have been smart enough to use little derek to do all his menial tasks but A+ idea

His favourite scene in S4 was with Scott and Liam in the locker room where he got to break Liam’s lacrosse stick or the one with him and Scott found a gun on his bed, he’s really proud of Posey and how far he’s come from as an actor

He’s shooting a new film in Texas but he can’t tell any deets yet


do you ever see a character that’s worshipped by a fandom and go “you’re not that great”

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Title: Warriors
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Played: 8048 times


please watch this vine

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"Lol @ Sterek shippers thinking they’re being queerbaited. If anyone’s being queerbaited on this show, it’s Sciles shippers. They’re the ones who get scenes like “you wanna try making out for a sec?” and shit. Did you see Wolf Watch? Dylan totally went “no homo” with that."

anon (via ultrateenwolfconfessions)

Im laughing bc this is so true. The real endgame here is sciles bye. lol.

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there is really no point for this gif set. except for me to stare and marvel at tyler hoechlin’s precious face.

Tyler Hoechlin - Chicago Con (june 2014).


do you ever write a message but halfway through you think “you know what fuck it they dont even care” and delete it

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En WhatsApp la gente se queda “En línea” y no contesta. Esto con Messenger no pasaba, ahí la atacabas con zumbidos y te hacías respetar.